Trou de Cheval from Padern
46cm x 56cm

Ch. d'Opoul-Perrillos

Storms racing up from the Pyrenees, Perrillos

Dawn, Paziols

Forgotten Olive Grove, Paziols

Paziols in Spring

Looking down to Fitou

Vines in the Vingrau Valley
40cm x 50cm

View to the Petit Tour, Paziols
36cm x 46cm

Paziols Church


Sunrise, Paziols

The Heron's Reach of the Verdouble, Tautavel

Light on the Pyrenees

Umbrella Tree by the Roman Villa, Paziols
27cm x 23cm

Across the Vineyards to Padern

The Verdouble at Caune d'Arago

Hot Afternoon, Ch. de Tautavel

Early Morning, Ch. d'Aguillar

Vingrau to the Pyrenees
48cm x 58cm

The Chateau at Padern