Sadhu Holy Lake, nr Gajner
20cm x 26cm

Dawn Breaking, Jaisalmer
19cm x 26cm

First Light, The Lake at Gajner
18cm x 23cm

Midday, Across The Sadhu Lake, Gajner
20cm x 28cm

Dawn Breaking, Neemrana
21cm x 36cm

Camel Traders, nr Gajner
28cm x 46cm

Dawn Breaking, Mandawa
26cm x 37cm

Maharajah's horses in the Palace Courtyard, Jaisalmer
25cm x 20cm

Inner Courtyard, Mandawa
33cm x 22cm

Neemrana, Entrance for the Elephants
30cm x 16cm

Early Light, Temple in Mandawa
16cm x 26cm

Silapull Hills, Morning
19cm x 25cm

Silapull Hills, Afternoon

Square with the Cattle Trough, Jaisalmer
37cm x 26cm

Sacred Cow in an Alleyway, Jaisalmer
26cm x 19cm

Maharajah's Hunting Lodge, Gajner
23cm x 33cm

Waiting for the Evening Meal,
nr Gajner
16cm x 26cm

Jodphur, Maharajah's Palace
16cm x 30cm

Silapull Hills, Sunset

Silapull Hills, Evening

Sunset, Jaisalmer
28cm x 46cm