OPEN DAILY 10am - 6pm

Donations from this Exhibition will go to the following Charities:

THE HUGHES SYNDROME FOUNDATION is a UK registered charity focusing awareness of this debilitating auto-immune disease, supporting patients and raising funds for the all-important research. It is a blood disorder, mainly affecting the brain and spine but can attack any part of the body, causing a wide range of symptoms. The most well-known being recurrent miscarriage, stillbirth and thrombosis, unexplained strokes and heat attacks in young and misdiagnosis of MS.
This 'sticky blood syndrome', which causes blood to clot around organs, is treatable, once diagnosed correctly: but the causes and triggers are largely unknown. This is where research is so valuable and it is going on world wide. Awareness is growing of the wonderful work Professor Graham Hughes and his team are doing and the lives that are being both saved and healed and the lives that could be saved and healed, with more knowledge.

Understanding Hughes Syndrome - 50 Case Studies for Patients of Graham RV Hughes will be available to buy. For more information email:

KINOE Kids in Need of Education, is a UK registered charity (charity no 1058290) which raises funds for educational projects in the Indian subcontinent. It aims to help less privileged children escape the poverty cycle and build a better life through the benefits of good education. Donations from this art exhibition will go towards an inspiring project KINOE supports in India, called The Akansha Foundation. Akansha's schools now reach over 3,500 children from the slums in Mumbai and Pune.
For further information please visit or contact

FRRME CANON ANDREW WHITE has dedicated his life to reconciliation in the Middle East by focusing on the positive role religion can play in resolving conflicts. Since 2005, based in Baghdad, he has worked tirelessly to secure peace. As a man of strong Christian faith, he has been able to talk to men of other faiths, Sunni, Shia and others and has been trusted and respected by them; in this, one of the most dangerous areas of the world. He has worked with the Muslim leaders to secure the release of hostages and to break down the barriers between East and West so that accord and reconciliation can grow.
FFRME supports this work also his church in Baghdad, St Georges Church in Haifa Street, where he has a congregation of over 2,000 Iraqi Christians. The support is both spiritual and material, providing food, medical, housing and schooling needs. Donations will go towards supporting the Sunday School for children and a kindergarten that is being built. The church is entirely dependent on charity from outside Iraq.
The Vicar of Baghdad: Fighting for peace in the Middle East by Canon Andrew White (paperback) will be available to buy. For more information

AFGHAN CONNECTION, the charity founded by Dr Sarah Fane, raises funds to construct schools and provide medical care in Afghanistan. Since 2002, 30 schools have been built, which have provided classrooms for over 30,000 children, both boys and girls. The first intake are now starting University to become doctors, teachers and engineers. The schools are twinned with English and Swedish schools which gives cross-cultural communication and understanding between the young of our countries. Sport also plays a part, the Afghan Cricket Team is helping through Afghan Connecton and the MC, and thefirst cricket training camp was in March 2009.
The schools act as resources centres for the surrounding rural areas and in isolated areas, community based schools are being constructed - so that young children do not have to walk so far to get education. Afghan Connection helps with medical care,vaccinations and health projects through MERLIN. This small charity has made a big impact in Afghanistan. The more education can be supported, the greater the possibilities for peace and progress in the coming years.